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If the accident was not your fault you are entitled to claim for the injury and loss which has been caused by the injury.  If you were partly at fault you may also be entitled to make a claim. To discover what your rights and entitlements are, call Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers on 9581 4339.

We have assisted many individuals to access their entitlements after a motor vehicle accident. Natasha and Justin can answer all your questions surrounding your individual situation including economic loss and medical treatment costs.

Regardless of whether you are partially or not at fault you are entitled to claim for injury and loss caused by the injury.

What to do first

Your first step is to notify both the police and the Insurance Commission of Western Australia online at

What you can claim for?

If the other driver was negligent, you are able to claim for the injury, it’s effect on your life and any loss which has been caused by the injury including economic loss and medical treatment costs.  There are other claims that you may be able to make and you should seek legal advice from an expert personal injury lawyer to make sure you have claimed everything you are entitled to.


What if the other vehicle was registered in another state?

You must notify the relevant compulsory third party insurer for that state.  There may be time limits for doing this so you should seek legal advice from an expert personal injury lawyer.

What if the accident was my fault, or partially my fault?

If you caused the accident in full, you are not able to claim. But if you were partially at fault and so was the other driver, you may still be able to claim. The effect is that your compensation will be reduced by the proportion you are found to have been at fault.

What if I need time off work and I don’t get paid?

You are able to make a claim for an advance payment against your claim for past economic loss. However you will need medical and other evidence to support the loss which needs to be submitted to the insurer.

What is the time limit for claiming?

You must notify the Insurance Commission of Western Australia as soon as practicable following the accident. The statute of limitation expiry date is 3 years from the date of the accident (or in some instances, when you first became aware of your injuries) in which either to settle your claim or commence legal proceedings.


  • Thanking Justin, Natasha and the team at Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers for all your help with my compensation claim. I will recommend my family and friends to you guys for any help they need in the future.

    Emily Sayers
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    Tanya Millett
  • Happy with PPIL. Everyone was amazing to deal with. Very professional. I highly recommend them.

    Ian Bland
  • Natasha and the team at PPIL deliver fantastic and professional service to their clients. They clearly explain your rights and entitlements ensuring the interests of the client are protected. Not all lawyers are the same! I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again if the need arises.

    Sarah Dixon
  • Natasha, Justin and their friendly professional team made the process stress free and straight forward when it all seemed too hard to deal with for me at the time! Peninsula staff set my mind at ease and explained every step for a positive result. I cannot thank them enough and feel totally confident recommending them to anyone needing advice and help with an injury claim.

    Janine Sheed
  • All I can say is wow, the support that Justin gave my daughter during her workers comp claim. Can not recommend the whole company enough, Justin explained what to expect and how it will all go and was spot on, a true gentleman to deal with. Thanks again.

    B & L Stampton