• How We Charge.

    How We Charge.

  • How We Charge.

    How We Charge.

How We Charge.

There is a perception that lawyers cost a lot of money and that if you use one you will have a large legal bill to pay, and will possibly be left out of pocket. We can’t vouch for other law firms but this is not the case at Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers.

We work on a no win no fee basis. This means on a successful outcome to your clam where you obtain Compensation (or a 'win') the insurer will pay not only the Compensation, but most of your legal costs (Party Party Costs) plus Disbursements (money we have spent on medical reports and evidence to support your claim).

When there is a 'win' you will have to pay the remainder of the legal costs (Solicitor Client Costs) from your Compensation. This does not mean we will charge 10% of your Compensation, it means we will charge 10%, or our actual Solicitor Client Costs, which ever is less. But never more than 10%.

If there is no offer or you do not receive any Compensation then there is no 'win'. If this happens then you wont pay any Costs, but you will have to repay us for any Disbursements we have paid for to obtain the evidence. This is only fair because we dont ask you to put any money up front to pay for Disbursements.

The risk of you being out of pocket is minimal, as we won’t lie to you and take on your claim if we don’t think there is a good chance of success, and we don’t spend money on a claim for Disbursements unless we are confident that we can 'win'.

There are no hidden costs. We are upfront from the start.


What are our clients saying about us?

  • During the past 12 months in which I engaged Natasha to act for me, I can say without doubt, my claim has been pursued with and by Natasha with such vigour and professional endurance. Natasha is a person who can provide excellent service and would recommend her to anyone who requires the service of a competent solution.
    Ernest Brown
    Public Liability claim
  • I had put off my claim due to not looking forward to the process. Natasha was wonderful and I am so pleased with the outcome. The process was explained clearly, and I found it to be a very understanding and professional practice.
    Melissa Quatember
    Criminal Injury Claim
  • Natasha and her team were extremely supportive and helpful. From the time of my accident to settlement it was three and a half years, and they guided me throughout the whole thing while not bombarding me with information and tasks so I could have time to get better. When I had questions about the process, they always had time to answer me. When I was unable to fill out paperwork or unsure about how to, I knew I could email or call them for guidance. Dependable, trustworthy and honest. Highly recommend
    Rebecca Persic
    Motor Vehicle accident claim
  • To Justin and team. I would like to thank everyone at Peninsula Lawyers for a job well done. Couldn’t be happier with the result. Justin and the staff were fantastic. As the company logo says “we are in your corner…” and that’s how I felt the whole way through. Thanks again. Peter
    Peter Nimmo
    Workers Compensation claim


There’s a reason we have a 99% success rate.

“Always in your corner” means acting in your best interest. We give clear, honest and frank advice and will not fill you full of false expectations. We will give you a break down of your claim and will recommend a strategic approach that will provide you with the leverage to obtain the best personal and financial outcome. We will only take on your case if we are confident in a successful outcome. 

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