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    Free Consult.

  • Free Consult.

    Free Consult.

A Free Consultation.


  • Your rights and entitlements
  • The claims and legal processes
  • The factors which affect the likely duration of your claim
  • The settlement and negotiation process
  • An estimate of the likely costs and disbursements your matter may incur.

We understand that in some cases, due to the nature of your injuries, it is not convenient for you to visit our office for your initial consultation and we offer an initial consultation conducted at your home, or at hospital.

We also offer after hours appointments to accommodate family members, who may provide support to you, to attend the appointment. It is important to us that you have a clear understanding of the information and legal advice provided and we are committed to providing the advice in clear, easy to understand language.

We understand that your life has been affected in many ways as a result of your injuries and that you may have many questions you wish to have answered, and sufficient time is allowed in every consultation to ensure you have the opportunity to have those questions answered.


What are our clients saying about us?

  • Had a fantastic experience. Very professional and supportive even when I was an emotional mess. Understanding, caring and patient. Very happy with this service
    Robyn Bell-McLeod
    Criminal Injury Claim
  • I would like to thank Justin and the team at PPIL, thanks for being in my corner. They have helped me find closure after my work injury. Highly recommended!
    Dave H
    Personal Injury Claim


There’s a reason we have a 99% success rate.

“Always in your corner” means acting in your best interest. We give clear, honest and frank advice and will not fill you full of false expectations. We will give you a break down of your claim and will recommend a strategic approach that will provide you with the leverage to obtain the best personal and financial outcome. We will only take on your case if we are confident in a successful outcome. PPIL - your committed personal injury lawyers in Perth and Mandurah.

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